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A Brave Baby - Mare & Foal Photoshoot

In May Katie asked me to come a photograph her mare, Newbie, with her foal, Nora. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, who wouldn't want to spend an hour or two photographing an adorable week old foal?!

On the day we had initially planned to do the photoshoot the classic British weather showed its face and it poured with rain with no sign of letting up by the evening. We rescheduled to a couple of days later and this time the weather pulled through and we were able to get some really beautiful images of Newbie & Nora, with Nora being just 6 days old at the time.

6 day old bay foal, brown with black main and four shite legs and a white stripe. Cantering through the  green field a few buttercups, foal has long legs surrounded by trees and the field's fencing. Taken on a foal photoshoot in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Nora was very ready for her photoshoot, and happily showing off giving Mum Newbie the run-around with her regular cantering outbursts....

Mare and foal having a photoshoot, mare trotting towards camera with foal cantering/leaping next to her. Both are bay in a field surrounded by trees and the field fencing in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Not only was Nora very happy to show off for the camera, she was also very keen for cuddles from everyone which meant we got some lovely photos of Katie and her Mum, Debbie, with both Newbie and Nora. It also meant she was not at all concerned by the camera, and would happily come and stand above me if I was crouched down!

When Nora wasn't busy enjoying her time to show the camera her speedy moves or getting cuddles, I was also able to capture some calmer images of Newbie and Nora relaxing together in the field, with Nora trying to be just like Mum and attempting to nibble the grass.

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to capture these special memories for Katie & Debbie, after all we all know foals grow up *very* quickly.

I'm really looking forward to seeing which image Katie picks for her complimentary framed image, as well as watching Nora grow up on Katie's Facebook page - Highmeadows Equestrian.

Lillie x

For more information about booking a photoshoot, please feel free to get in touch through the links below:

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