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A Weekend in the Cotswolds - Alesha & Coco

In today's blog post I'd like to tell you all about a recent trip I made to the Cotswolds to visit and photograph Alesha with her beautiful bay mare, Coco.

I actually met Alesha on the year long mentorship with Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland at The Training Barn that we are both part of. At The Training Barn we learn all things equine photography, both from a business and image perspective from two of the leading ladies in the business!

Following meeting on the course, Alesha and I arranged for me to visit The Cotswolds for a couple of days where I met Coco, we spent some time exploring the local town (including a *very* fancy Fairfax & Favor store), caught up on Training Barn homework, and of course had a lovely evening photoshoot.

Striking black and white image of a lady with her horse. Both of them are looking to their left past the camera. The horse is a tall bay horse in a leather headcollar, her ears are alert and she has a shiny coat. The lady has dark long curly hair in a half tied up and down style, she is wearing a cream top tucked into black jeans and her cheekbones are clearly defined with the black and white image. They are surrounded by Cotswold countryside of fields and trees.

We started the photoshoot in one of the fields at the back of the yard. This field contained long grass and was surrounded by trees. There was also a bonfire in a neighbouring field, as you can see above this really helped to keep Coco's attention!

The bonfire also helped to create a hazy scene, as you can see in one of the below images. We stayed in these fields for the longest time of all of the locations, and as you can see in the following images we got some really lovely photos of Alesha and Coco together:

Next up was an outfit and location change. For this outfit Alesha braved the chilly weather and wore a more summery dress. For this outfit we stayed within the yard and used a gateway, the indoor arena doorway and the outside area of the arena for locations. This just goes to show that areas you see as everyday can always be turned around to be beautiful photoshoot locations!

For Alesha's third & final outfit we moved to the front of the yard. Coco knew it was nearly dinner time so we kept this bit short and sweet, using the mounting block for some lovely cuddling shots:

It was then time for Coco to have her dinner and be put to bed for the evening, and for Alesha and I to warm up a little bit! I just love the images that we came away with from this shoot and I am so pleased to have been able to capture them.

If you would like to find out more about booking a photoshoot like this for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat, or see my links below.

Lillie x

Lady and her horse on an autumn evening with the orange sun glowing on them. The lady is looking towards the camera smiling with her hand on the horse's neck, and the horse is stood just behind her looking over to her right. The horse is bay with a brown leather headcollar and the lady is wearing a beige top with blue jeans and has dark curly hair. They are stood in a field of long brown grass lined with green hedges and trees with a blue sky and patchy clouds in The Cotswolds countryside. They are posing for a photo on their equine photoshoot.

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