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Am I The Right Equine Portrait Photographer for You?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Equine Photographers - there's a lot of us... So where do you begin when working out if I am the right Equine Portrait Photographer for you?


My style of photography is one where I capture classic, timeless moments that you will be able to display on your wall for years to come. By classic and timeless, I mean that I edit in a way that the images are a clear and beautiful representation of the moment exactly how it happened.

I do not apply harsh edits or change the appearance of what is in front of me. That is not to say that I do not remove objects or clear up perhaps speckles of dirt or anything distracting from images in Photoshop. Of course I do this, but only to ensure that the whole focus is of you and horse and owner and that your image is as perfect as can be.

My aim is that you will always be able to display your images around your house for a lifetime, no matter the current fashion trends or styles, whatever these may be in years to come!


My Equine Portrait photoshoots are tailored to suit you and your horse. Your photoshoot is all about you, and therefore you are exactly who the photoshoot will be tailored for.

A few weeks prior to the photoshoot we will have a pre-shoot consultation video call. Here we can have a chat and I can get to know all about you and your horse. This is also a time for us to go through any potential outfit ideas and for you to ask any questions you may have.

By getting to know all about you and your horse, I am learning about the relationship you have which in turn helps me to guide your shoot in a way that we will come out with images representing this relationship. For example, if your horse has is notorious for their mischievous character, tell me all about it so I can capture images to represent it!

A few weeks after the photoshoot we will either meet in person, or over Zoom, and I will present to you the final images from your shoot. This is a couple of hours where we can take the time to go through all of the images and you can pick your favourites.

This is also the time where you get to choose the image that you will have in your 14" framed image that comes included in the price of your photoshoot. In addition to the 14" framed image example, I will bring with me a further selection of frames and prints, for example my 9 images in 1 frame, so you can view the additional available options.

The Photoshoot Experience:

My photoshoots are always relaxed, we are in no rush and there is plenty of time for breaks for you and your horses. I completely understand that most people (and horses!) have not had photoshoots before, or have had very limited experience of them. I also understand that the thought of standing and "posing" in front of a camera can feel a little daunting when you do not know what to expect.

I will help to guide you in how and where to stand, and where to look. We will also include natural images of you and your horse interacting with each other so you can forget that I am there and just have a moment between you both! My aim is always for you and your horse to feel as relaxed as possible, and most importantly that you both enjoy your photoshoot.


On the day of your shoot I will show you a selection of framed images so you can start to think about any wall art that you would like to order once you have seen your final images. I will also bring along an example of my 14" framed images that you receive included within your photoshoot price.

Along with my framed and mounted individual images, I also offer 3 in 1, 5 in 1 and 9 in 1 framed images, these are a beautiful way to have multiple images framed together. Finally, you can of course purchase either a selection of, or all of your digital images. The digital images are delivered to you in high-resolution with no watermarks for you to keep and share as you wish.

I hope this blog has been a helpful insight into my photography and the service I provide. My photoshoots start at £195.00 which includes a 14" framed image of your choice worth £145, and my additional products start at £55.00.

If you would like to find out more, please Click Here to drop me a message.

Lillie x

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