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An Ex Racehorse Turned Supermodel - Emma & Crunchie

It seems to be a consistent theme with my photoshoot blog posts that they always involve casting our minds back to many months ago... On this occasion we are re-visiting a summer photoshoot with Emma and her striking chestnut ex-racehorse Crunchie, or if we're being formal It's Crunch Time.

Chestnut horse with big unique white face markings leaning down eating a carrot out of the hand of his owner who is crouched down looking at the camera smiling in a summer dress surrounded by a hedge lined field in the Essex countryside. This is a posed photo for her equine photoshoot.

This photoshoot actually came about because I had followed Emma & Crunchie's journey on Instagram (@crunchie_the_exracehorse) for some time and loved Crunchie's unique and eye-catching face marking as you can see pictured above. As a result of this I approached Emma and asked if she would be interested in doing a portfolio model shoot with me as I thought they would be a perfect fit for my website and advertising. I was thrilled when Emma said yes and we got to work organising a date for a Summer photoshoot.

Black and white image of a lady cuddling her horse, the horse is looking over her shoulder and is chestnut with a big white face wearing a black leather headcollar. The lady is in a black dress with a floral pattern and they are stood in front of a wooden textured black barn wall

It was a beautiful Summer's day (remember those!) in August when I drove to Essex to meet Emma, Crunchie, Storm, Barnaby the dog and our ever so helpful assistant's, Emma's Mum Denise and her friend, Boo.

We started as always with introductions and a walk around all of the available locations that we can use to take photographs. Crunchie is stabled at the most beautiful private yard surrounded by a large house, smart pebbled driveway, barns, fields and a church. Perfect photo scenery!

Having had a look around we started with the first of Emma's three outfits and headed to the barns. With the sun being very strong initially we used the shadow of the barns and the textured walls as backdrops, and then moved onto the pebbled driveway and eventually the field that was located on the way back to the stables. Below are a small selection of these images, use the arrow to scroll through:

Following the above images, we gave Crunchie a bit of time to have a snack and a break and Emma got changed into her next outfit. This was a more casual but still smart combination of a white blouse and denim shorts, a perfect outfit for the summer's day!

For this outfit we went both into the field behind the stables and used the gate of the arena as two further locations. The field was lined with hedges and had the church stood tall in the background:

Finally it was time for a ridden outfit. Whilst on most photoshoots we do not generally include riding clothing as an outfit, we did in this case as we were also capturing some ridden photos and this would fit the theme of Emma's Instagram of Crunchie's progress.

When including riding clothes on a photoshoot, do exactly what Emma has done below! Smart and clean riding clothing and tack is essential. For these images we used a beautiful dark wooden wall on the way out of the yard, and a gate to one of the fields. These are actually some of my favourite images from the whole shoot!

Blond lady in a horse riding outfit sat on a wooden gate with english countryside field and trees in the background. Her chestnut horse wearing a saddle and bridle is in the foreground and reaching across her to try to take a treat from her hand. The owner is smiling at the camera and the horse is a chestnut thoroughbred with a unique white face marking.

I hope this blog has been helpful in giving you an idea of what to expect from an Equine Portrait Photoshoot with me, Lillie Bell Photography. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat to find out more!

I will leave you for today with this cute photo of Crunchie finding his photoshoot either hilarious or so relaxing he is ready for bed, you decide!

Horse and owner pictured together. The owner is crouched down in front of the horse posing for the photo smiling and the horse is stood behind her looking like he is laughing as he is yawning in the photo. There is a black wooden building in the background and gravel flooring. Blond lady wearing equestrian clothing. Chestnut thoroughbred horse with a white face marking in his grackle bridle smiling for the camera.

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