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Ashley Harrison & Family - Equine Portrait Photoshoot

This shoot was a busy but very enjoyable one, primarily focused on Ashley and her four beautiful event horses; Zebedee, Max, Kato and Erol.

We all know that behind every successful eventer and their string of horses is a strong team, so also included in the shoot was Ashley's Mum, Dad, Husband & Labrador.

A close up portrait image of a brunette lady with long curly hair, Ashley Harrison, stood facing the camera smiling in a black dress with white leaf patterns. Her black 4* eventer, thoroughbred cross warmblood, horse is wearing a black snaffle bridle with a flash and is stood next to her with his head over her shoulder and ears pricked also looking at the camera. The background is blurred but you can make out trees and a little grass behind them.

We started the shoot with Ashley and her top horse, Zebedee IX, who she competes at 4* level. This was a very important relationship to be able to be captured for Ashley, and they were a pleasure to photograph together.

Having already been shown around prior to starting the shoot itself, I photographed Ashley and Zeb in several select locations around their very picturesque and peaceful stable yard and land. A selection of these images can be seen below. I just adore how naturally Zebedee cuddles in to Ashley, and how I was able to capture the very genuine relationship between the two of them.

Next up was Kato, a striking bright bay gelding who knew exactly how to pose for the camera!

Those who follow Ashley on her social media, Ashley Harrison Eventing, will know that not only is Kato ridden by Ashley, but also by her Dad, Harry. So as well as photographing Kato with Ashley, I also photographed Kato with Harry, too.

At this point it was the perfect opportunity for Carol-Anne, Ashley's Mum, to join in for some beautiful images with Harry and Kato. And of course not to be left out, the family's trusty black Labrador, Bella, was a very willing model and joined in to be included in some very special memories too.

Our third horse of the afternoon was the youngest of the four, Erol. Ashley is currently producing Erol and even since this photoshoot it is clear how much he is progressing. They are definitely a combination worth a follow to see them work their way up the levels!

Last but by no means least was the lovely Maximus, a horse I could photograph all day long with his gentle expressions and cuddly nature.

Having photographed Ashley and all of her horses individually, it was time for a group photo of Team AH Eventing together. It is no mean feat to photograph four horses, four humans and a dog all looking at the camera and posing happily, so I was thrilled to capture the below group image without even needing to superimpose anyone (or any forward facing ears) in!

Along with the group photo we also got some special images of Ashley with her two top horses, Zeb and Max. Following this we even let Ashley's husband, Scott, leave his important role of getting ears forward to join in with the photos too!

To end this blog post I wanted to say the biggest thank you to Ashley and her whole family for the amount of effort they put into this photoshoot. Everyone was on hand to help and get involved which meant we produced some beautiful images and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

In the rare case that you are not already following Ashley and her horse's journey online, she can be found online at Ashley Harrison Eventing on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

If you would like to book in your very own equine portrait photoshoot, please do not hesitate to get in touch - / 07562 723288.

Lillie x

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