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Ben Atkinson - Peaky Blinders Inspired Shoots, Summer Sun and Horsemanship At Its Finest

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

With Peaky Blinders recently coming to an end, I was reminded of the photography day with Ben Atkinson that I attended up in Yorkshire back in August 2020.

The reason it reminded me of this day is not just because Ben's horses have been featured in Peaky Blinders, but because one of the segments of the photography day (organised by EJ Lazenby Photography) was a Peaky Blinders inspired black background photoshoot.

Peaky Blinders inspired photoshoot man in black flat cap and long coat with two black friesian stallions. Ben Atkinson as Tommy Shelby

The barn we photographed this section in was so dark that it made editing these images an absolute dream, and nearly two years on I am still very proud of these images.

Not only did Ben and his two Friesian Stallions, Mr Pinkerton and Q, pose for black background images, they also got out their carriage and we took further images in the fields. A small selection of these images can be seen in the gallery below:

Moving on from the Peaky Blinders inspired segments, Jane and Ben had also packed in four other sets into the day.

We had everything from Ben and Malik doing a display of ridden classical traditional vaquero dressage, to liberty displays, in hand classical dressage and even a Victorian bread van featuring Amy the Clydesdale Cob cross and Bert the Shetland.

I have included a further gallery below with just a very small selection of images from the segments mentioned above:

Lastly I just wanted to thank both Ben (you all know who he is, but in case you've been living under a rock his instagram is @Ben_actionhorses) and Jane (@ejlazenbyphotography) for all the effort they put in to these wonderful photography days, and letting us all experience the fabulous horses and horsemanship first hand.

Here's a cute Shetland photo to finish....

Ben Atkinson with shetland sitting down like dog sharing bread, with clydesdale cob mare in harness in background next to bread van carriage

Lillie x

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