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Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show 2019

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Ben Atkinson, Atkinson Action Horses display at edenbridge and oxted show, horse rearing
Atkinson Action Horses

So it's a couple of days post Edenbridge & Oxted 2019 and I'm feeling inspired, so I thought it was finally time to write a blog post!

Having been to the show for the past couple of years, I was naturally excited to be heading there again, and even more excited when the weather was set to be a scorcher and the entertainment couldn't look to be better. This year I managed to get there for both the Sunday and Monday, and it was SO worth it.


We got to the show ground for just after 11am and after walking through the fairground and by the classical cars we reached the main arena with just enough time to catch the end of the Atkinson Action Horses display. As expected this was fantastic, and only left us wanting to see more so we made sure we were clock watching ready to see it properly at 3pm.

After only around 30 minutes of being there we needed some shade, so we headed to the stands and watched the side saddle class. Looking back now I should have taken some photos, but as I wasn't planning on blogging at the time I didn't (doh, next time!). The horses were immaculate and the ladies were looking amazing in their dresses.

Next it was time to see the cows, is there anything better than getting up close to all the animals at agricultural shows?! I have to say one of my favourite things about Edenbridge & Oxted is the cow wash, I know I sound mad, but I really mean it. You will have to head down there yourself to see what I mean...

Cow at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show - sussex agricultural and event photographer
An adorable cow waiting for their wash

The meerkats were so funny to watch, the beagles were adorable and the clanging from the blacksmith competition was as fitting as ever.

For the afternoon we settled in a great spot on the front row of the stand at the far end of the arena for an afternoon of showjumping, scurry racing, stunt horses, bag pipes and the livestock show.

Carriage scurry racing at edenbridge and oxted show photographer - equine photoshoot sussex
Game faces on as they battled against the other scurry pairs to see who could be speediest around the course


On the Monday we followed a similar routine to the Sunday, only arriving a little earlier and a lot more prepared for where we wanted to be and when. So below are my two highlights of the day.

We watched the full Atkinson Action Horses routine in both the morning and afternoon, it absolutely did not disappoint. If any of you get a chance to go and see them perform, do it! If you enjoy taking photos then absolutely bring your camera, it's a brilliant opportunity to get some different shots to normal. I wanted to give them a special mention as they have been so great with sharing my photos and mentioning my page in each one. It is something that not everyone does when sharing them, and it really makes a difference.

Another highlight was the Land Rover Knock Out Showjumping, a brilliant pairs style fun speed class. Instead of a team, the pairs were competing against each other eventually knocking each other out (not literally...) until the winner, Leesa Long, was crowned. It was certainly a crowd pleaser with everyone getting involved cheering on the person they wanted to win.

Overall it was the best way I could think to spend the August bank holiday, so now here's a few photos to keep us going until next year!

Atkinson Action Horses, Ben Atkinson photography, stunt horse at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show

Showjumping at the edenbridge and oxted agricultural show, chestnut horse and rider jumping - horse photographer

scurry ponies at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show sussex photographer

appaloosa showjumping at edenbridge and oxted show over felbridge planks - sussex photographer

Ben Atkinson riding horse with three horses at liberty - atkinson action horses - edenbridge and oxted agricultural show

Leesa Long showjumping at Edenbridge and Oxted agricultural show over harwoods group jump

Atkinson Action Horses stunt team performing at gallop edenbridge and oxted agricultural show ben atkinson

Atkinson Action Horses, Ben Atkinson's stunt team at Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show Andalusian horse

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