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Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show 2021

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Agricultural show season is starting again, and they just so happen to be my absolute favourite shows to attend. It therefore seemed a fitting time to take a look at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show that I photographed over the show's two day duration in 2021.

tractors with people and dog by sussex agricultural and equine photographer at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show

Press photographer at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show

First things first was of course, coffee. Two full days of farm animals, equestrian events, food, BMX stunt teams, sheep shows, shopping, dogs and everything in-between always needs to begin with a coffee. Arriving at the showground early in the morning before the hustle and bustle is a lovely, peaceful start to the day, and I would highly recommend it.

As the showing and main ring classes start to begin, the showground comes to life as more and more visitors begin to arrive. The Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural show truly has something for everyone, whether you spend your life outside in the country or are just going along for a visit for the day out of curiosity.

There is so much going on that you may be unsure where to begin, for me it had to be the sheep. Pictured below is a Young Farmers class, note the 4th sheep in giving their competition a bit of side eye...

sheep show with young farmers at edenbridge and oxted agricultural show by sussex equine and agricultural photographer

A huge crowd-pleaser, and an absolute must watch, is the Meet the Hounds event in the main arena. Here you can learn about the hounds and watch them as they run around the arena followed by the horses. There is even a chance to enter the arena and give them a cuddle yourself, the commentator is normally inviting the children in, but let's be honest all age groups want to be in there meeting those dogs.

As much as I could write for hours, if I were to continue to write here and tell you all about the other wonderful aspects of the show, you would probably get a bit tired of me endlessly chatting and skip to see the photos anyway, so seeing as we all know you're here for photos, that's how I will end this blog.

The gallery below is just a small selection of what goes on at the show, including the sheep show, BMX stunt team, food, shopping, cows and more...

Thank you so much to the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show team for having me, it was as always a lovely bank holiday weekend.

If you would like to find out about the photography & events work I do, please take a look at my website -

Lillie x

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