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Introducing - Equine Videography

I am so excited to say that following a year of ensuring I am fully ready to do so, I am now officially offering Equine Videography as a service to run alongside my Equine Photography.

Ever since I could get my hands on a digital camera, both photography and videography have run side by side for me, I really do love them both.

If we look back to the YouTube equestrian time about 10-15(!) years ago of getting people to film you with your horses, or propping up your grainy digital camera on a fence to get footage and post a dodgy edit I was there keen as anything to film, edit (questionably) and upload it all. My equestrian film-making endeavours of the time are certainly all on private now because they would not be any use in promoting my business, however I just wanted to give you a little background into where it all started.

I am now far better equipped in terms of ability, equipment and software than I was all those years ago and I can't wait to be able to capture video for equestrian businesses and individuals alike to showcase yourselves and your horses in their best light.

It is clear for us all to see that quality imagery and video is the way forward when it comes to social media and the promotion of yourself, your business and the brands that support you. The Clients who I did video work for throughout 2022 experienced this first hand with an increase in following, reach and engagement.

Video shoots are tailored entirely around your requirements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to schedule in a call to plan your next video and/or photo shoot.

Lillie x

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