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Megan & Lottie

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

At the time of writing this it is towards the end of the (hopefully only) 2021 Lockdown. I am preparing to open my diary and get booking in some photoshoots for when we are allowed again in April, so in the meantime it's time to catch up on some pre-lockdown photoshoot blog posts that are well overdue!

Today we are going back to Summer 2020 with its warm, long summer days and the soft evening light.

Megan & Lottie have been a partnership for 8 years. When Megan first bought Lottie she was incredibly nervous of people and had to wear a headcollar 24/7. I am sure you will be able to see from the images what a changed, relaxed and happy horse Lottie is now.

Megan stables Lottie very close to Brighton Racecourse, which if you have been there you will know has some fantastic views across the valley and of Brighton itself.

We started the photoshoot by crossing over the Racecourse and taking photos within Sheepcote Valley for some fantastic scenic backdrops as you can see in the above images. After exploring the area we then headed back and took more photos around the yard and in the paddocks.

Lottie was exceptionally well behaved this day, she was very patient and willingly put her ears forward with every neigh of my horse noise app. A 5* model!

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