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Stacey & Sammy - An Afternoon Equine Photoshoot in Sussex

On a Summer afternoon in Sussex we had a wonderful equine portrait photoshoot with Stacey and her gelding, Sammy.

The lane into the yard where Stacey keeps Sammy is lined with beautiful black older style street lamps and trees, so this was naturally the best place to start!

We paired this location with Stacey's long white dress from her selection of outfits and did a combination of posed and natural interaction images at the first location.

Following the driveway location, Stacey changed into her next outfit, a long black dress, and we moved on to our second location of a gateway and fields. The long grass in the fields and afternoon sun made for some beautiful images to capture Stacey's relationship with Sammy.

We combined two locations with Stacey's next outfit due to one of them being a little bit of a walk away and the other being on route. We used the fencing lining the fields which were nicely shaded under some trees for the first location of this outfit. Sitting on fencing (when safe to do so!) creates beautiful, relaxed images of horse & owner together.

After the images using the fencing, we continued with the same outfit on to our next location of a local woodland. Despite walkers appearing from within the trees, Sammy was superbly behaved and we were able to capture yet more images for Stacey to further increase the variety in her final image gallery.

Finally we headed back to the yard itself for the last two sets of images. Along with several more images around the yard itself, we also included some time at the end of the shoot to get some black background images of Sammy. Sammy's stable was within a big indoor barn, so I used the entrance to the barn to capture these beautiful images - perfect to be displayed on the wall at home or in the tack room!

If you would like to enquire about booking your next equine portrait photoshoot, I can be contacted at or by phone on 07562 723288.

Lillie x

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