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The one where the dog stole the show...

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I recently travelled over to Kent to meet Lucy Faragher and her trio of horses; JT, Murphy and Joey.

Equine photoshoot in kent horses and owner together - horse photographer

With all of my portrait photoshoots, I always shoot in several different locations around the yard and fields in order to give you a variety of images. We also always have time for an outfit change or two (or three!).

On this day we started with photos of Lucy in her riding gear with the horses individually in each of their stables. This allowed for those lovely, classic stable doorway images and some up close 1-1 images of just Lucy with her horses and little surrounding distraction.

Stable Shots - Use the arrows to browse the images

Lucy then got changed into her next outfit and we took the horses out individually to our other locations.

There were several fields, some with trees and hedges as back drops, and one with a beautiful hilltop view overlooking the surrounding fields. We used several of the fields with each horse, as this again provided Lucy with a wide variety of images in her final gallery.

It wasn't just Lucy here on the day, her willing assistants (Mum, Cathy & partner, Ethan ) also joined in for a few photos each and some group shots as you can see below.

Getting the assistants involved

Now, I am sure you are wondering why I mentioned a dog in the title when there has been no mention of one so far?! Well, I did say he stole the show, so William the dog now gets his own whole section just about the photos he featured in.

Having a photoshoot with your horses and dogs really helps to create a relaxed feel as you can interact with your animals and pretend I am not there. This occasion was no different, and William the dog was very pleased to get involved and help me capture not only those all important candid shots, but he even had his own mini-shoot with Lucy's partner, Ethan.

William the dog steals the show...

Finally I wanted to share some group shots with you. It's never an easy task having more than one horse in a photo, so we really put it to the test with three humans, three horses and a dog! I am sure you will agree however that we achieved a really lovely group shot of everyone together.

Family equine photoshoot in kent horses and owner together - horse photographer
Equine photoshoot in kent horses and owner and dogs together - horse photographer

A happy owner, three happy horses and a happy dog? That's a wrap!

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