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Three Horses, Two Yards & A Very Sunny Day

In May I met with Sarah, her Mum Debbie and their three horses, Bumble, Dubai and Mayo for a portfolio shoot. We began the photoshoot at the yard where they keep two of their horses, Bumble and Dubai. We then later moved on to the second yard where I photographed Sarah with her youngster, Mayo.

We started the day with Sarah & Bumble. Bumble is Sarah's chestnut gelding, who you may well recognise from a photoshoot we did about a year ago with in hand and ridden photos for me to get some dressage photography practice in.

Young lady in long floor length white dress walking towards the camera leading chestnut horse in a bridle with white stripe and three white legs. Walking through a field along path surrounded by trees in Sussex countryside on an equine photoshoot.

Sarah had prepared lots of outfits for the day, for her photos with Bumble she started with jeans, a blouse and short boots for the first location, followed by the beautiful long white dress pictured in the above image for the second location. When you reach the end of the blog and see the range of images we captured, it will really help to show why I always recommend you bring multiple outfits to get as wider range of images possible.

The second horse of the day was Sarah's Mum's horse, Dubai. I have to admit, I am a little bit obsessed with this horse and I am sure you will see why when you see the photos of him below. For the images with Dubai, Sarah worse a different blouse and jeans to the photos with Bumble, and this time paired them with tall Fairfax & Favor boots.

This time we headed to the private quiet road that the leads to the yard, where there were huge beautiful flowers that provided an excellent backdrop. The road to the yard is long and lined with trees, which also provided a great backdrop to the images.

Young lady in white blouse, fairfax and favor tan belt and blue jeans with flaxen chestnut horse both stood looking at the camera with her hand on the horse's neck. Surrounded by green hedges with large purple flowers.

The third and final horse of the day was Sarah's young gelding, Mayo. We drove about 20minutes down the road to the yard where he is kept, and did our final two outfits here. For her first outfit Sarah worse a white playsuit, and for her second outfit she wore another lovely long dress.

Mayo's yard was yet another with vibrant flowers and open fields, so we came away with even more beautiful images as a result.

Young lady in ankle length dress and arm resting on her horse's back while smiling up at his face, horse is grey with ears pricked looking towards the camera. They are in an open field with fairly long green grass with big green trees lining the background.

It was such a lovely afternoon and I am so pleased with the images we came away with. Below is a small selection of some of my favourites.

Thank you to Sarah, Debbie, Bumble, Dubai & Mayo!

You can keep up with Sarah and her horses on Instagram, TikTok & Youtube, she also vlogged the day which can be seen in the Youtube link below:

Lillie x

For more information about booking a photoshoot, please do feel free to get in touch: or Click Here to use the contact form on my website.

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