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Who Is Your "Heart Horse"? All about Guinness

Ok, so this could have us feeling a little emotional, but I would like to know all about your heart horse. Comment below or on the posts on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

For me, my "heart horse" has to be Guinness, he was the most recent horse I owned and sadly we had to sell him when I was 18. Guinness is the sort of horse I never, ever thought I would be lucky enough to own. He is an approximately 16h+ chestnut sport horse gelding with some fancy show jumping breeding and the looks to match (not that I've shared the *most* flattering photos below!)

It's not all sad that we no longer own him though, he very much still lives his best life with his owner, Mae, at her home not too far away from where I live. I have also been to see and ride him (on the beach!) since we sold him quite a few years ago now and hope to be able to visit again this Summer.

Guinness taught me a lot, he was by far the most talented horse I ever sat on and has scope for days. Although said scope was certainly something you have to learn to sit! He also has his quirks, for example asking him to walk over a pole on the floor is like asking him to commit an awful sin. Eventually I managed to coax him round to "trotting" over them (pictured below, remember that scope we were talking about?) but I always knew walking poles were not a battle worth attempting...

He could also pull a deathly stare over the stable door, but it was all an act because as soon as he was out and about he became my over-sized dog who would follow me everywhere without the need for a headcollar or rope. He would also chase after me around the school bucking and cantering around, and these sessions always ended up with a good scratch which he would really enjoy as you can see below.

Guinness definitely knows if you can ride or not, and he was an absolute saint for my non-horsey friends and siblings to have a sit on and a trot around the school. He really built my confidence and taught me a lot, especially over the final summer that I had him when we enjoyed flatwork, jumping and hacking together.

I feel it says a lot that considering I think we sold him about 8 years ago now, I still think of him as my Heart Horse and certainly one I will not forget. I am so grateful for all the photos and memories I have of my time with him, and a few of those are below.

I'd love to hear all about your "Heart Horse", the things that make them loveable and all their quirks!

Lillie x

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